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The Saints of the Caribbean 9+1

The SAINTS, by size, consist of St. Barts, St. Eustatius, St. Johns, St. Thomas, St. Marten, St. Croix, St. Kitts, St. Georges (capital of Grenada, the +1), St. Vincent and St. Lucia
These are the smaller Caribbean Islands ranging in size from 8 square miles (St. Barts) to St. Lucia at 238 square miles.  Smaller when compared to Jamaica, Puerto Rico or Haiti and the Dominican Republic.
These islands all offer relaxing warm waters and white sandy beaches remaining mostly un-crowded and un-spoiled. Most have excellent lush tropical ecosystems.
Looking for a laid back, relaxing, sitting on the beach type of vacation these are the islands to consider. A few of the islands are big tourist destinations and Cruise Ship Ports. Some of the destinations have great nightlife, casinos and clubs. As one of the smaller island tourist sites state, "the choices are few". Most of the island attractions are the beaches, snorkeling, diving, deep-sea fishing, windsurfing, Historical sites, boating and of course shopping. Most of the islands have duty free shopping. You may also rent a motor boat or sail boat, on your own or with a Captain.
You can also go horseback riding, play golf (not all islands), go hiking, and do a zip-line.
Getting there:
The larger islands are serviced by a wide range of international airlines. The smaller islands are connected by regional carriers and by ferry in some cases. If you book your own trip be careful of the trip schedules, don’t arrive too late to catch the last ferry to your destination or the ferry/flight back to your main airport for your returning flight.
Where to stay
There are wide choices available on all these islands. Choose from lavish resorts, hotels, villas, cottages, small inns and bungalows. Prices range from $75 to $800 or more per night.  For a different experience, St. Eustatius offers a Homestay  program  where you will stay with a local family. On some of the islands of you are staying for a long time (over 30 days) check to see for you need a visa.
We have included a little  information  for each of the islands. Also where we could find a good YouTube video for the destination, the link has been included.
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Saint Barts
Saint Barts is the smallest of the saints at eight square miles. There are numerous beaches on which to relax and of course you can scuba, snorkel, Jet Ski and even go on a submarine. You can rent your own boat, power and sail. Horseback riding is also available.
The cuisine is mostly French and Creole. If you are looking for a party atmosphere you will not find it on St. Barts. There a few cocktail bars, sometimes with live music.
Where to stay? Accommodations range from villas, hotels and a few resorts to cottages and bungalows.

Saint Eustatius
Saint Eustatius, known as the Caribbean’s Hidden Treasure, is also one of the smallest islands, 8.1 square miles. Known by the locals as Statia, it is part of the Netherlands Antilles.
Enjoy pristine diving as the reefs are in great shape. The shallower reefs range from 40 to 75 feet with abundant marine life and several ship wrecks.
The islands offer Inns, hotels and a lodge for accommodations. You can also stay with a local family  as part of the Home stay Program. There are a variety of restaurants. As with most of the small islands, you are going for the laidback atmosphere of sitting on the beach.

Saint Johns
Saint Johns, the smallest of the Virgin Islands is 20 sq miles in size.
Saint Johns, St. Thomas and St. Croix are part of "America's Caribbean Paradise". NO PASSPORT IS REQUIRED!! To get to St. Johns, take the ferry from St. Thomas. Watch the arrival times and ferry times, try to arrive early to St. Thomas. It is easy to ferry from island to island and therefore opens this entire island group. Visit Jost Van Dyke, Tortola, Frenchman's Cay, Eustatia, Normans and more. It is also easy to take a commuter flight to Puerto Rico from the USVI direct to San Juan and Vieques. The British Virgin Islands are also part of "this group" of islands.
Accommodations go from plush resorts to villas, guesthouses, condos and inns that will fit every budget and taste.
The beaches are endless. All types of water sports are available. Snorkeling and diving choices are numerous. Go day sailing, kayak, and hiking, sport fishing, take an island tour.
Restaurants go from burgers in breeze cooled spots to world class cuisine. Shopping is not the usual tourist fare; there are wonderful distinctive shops, not tee shirt shops, duty free.
Also, this is a link that covers the three islands that make up the US Virgin Islands: Note, this video runs for 9 minutes

Saint Thomas

Saint Thomas is 31 sq. miles in area.
St Thomas is more of a tourist island than the other islands. You can visit as a destination or on a cruise. Note, there can be as many as 7 cruise ships in port on a single day, lots of people.
St. Thomas is called a "water lovers paradise". Take a few beach days, snorkel, dive, windsurf, kite boarding, sailing, kayak, parasail, take a day charter. Also play a round of golf. Visit the Ocean Park, ride the Sky ride or take an Ecotour.
St. Thomas has some lively night life. Bars and clubs feature Caribbean music to rock and roll. Shows feature calypso singers and steel drum players. 
Restaurants vary on the island, from $25 to $40 for two people and the meal cost goes up in the more exclusive places. As always try the local food places for some of the best island/Caribbean food.

Saint Maarten
Saint Marten is 37 sq. miles in area. As the tourism site for St Marten states, Visit Fascinating St. Marten, boredom is forbidden. All the hotels, restaurants, casinos, nightclubs and beaches, the possibilities are endless for your vacation.
A passport is required and a return ticket for visitors, also a departure tax applies (fairly normal in the Caribbean)
St. Marten has what you would expect for water adventures and sports. Visit the butterfly farm or do a zip line. This is also a cruise port, if you are there as a destination vacation, try to plan around the cruise ships. (We do this for excursions when we are in Belize, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye is our favorite)
You can play all night in St. Marten. There are 14 world class Vegas style casinos and dance the night away.
Restaurants number over 350 on the island. Dining goes from gourmet to the local burger place. You have to try the local beach front places, wonderful Caribbean dishes and flavors.

Saint Croix
Saint Croix is 82 sq. miles in area. It is part of the US Virgin Islands with St. Thomas and St. John.
St. Croix prefers casual dress, bathing suits, unbuttoned shirts and no shoes is frowned upon. (If you are on Ambergris Caye, Belize... no shoes, no problem)
As part of the US Virgin Islands, again no passport is required only a picture ID, a drivers license.
As the largest of the three islands, Christiansted is also the largest town. The island is surrounded by reefs and sandy beaches. There is world class diving and snorkeling and there are two 18 hole golf courses.
Accommodations are typical of the other islands, from beachfront resorts to private rentals. Dining is a mix of gourmet to open air local restaurants. The choice of seafood is impressive.

Saint Kitts
Saint Kitts is 133 sq. miles in area. St. Kitts is ranked as one to the 16 best vacation spots in the Caribbean. It is a beautiful island.
There is a lot to do on St. Kitts, hike up and into the volcano, snorkel, dive, fish, take a cruise, go on one of the many tours, go horseback riding, do the zip line, and play golf.
Dining ranges from Chinese to international and Caribbean favorites. If you are staying on the island visit "the strip" for a variety of music, dance, food and drink.
YouTube link: this is an 8 minute video.

St. Georges, Grenada
St. Georges is 133 sq. miles in area. St Georges is called the spice island and is well off the beaten path. The beaches are rated some of the best in the Caribbean. The best way to get around is to rent a car, a local license is required.
Lodging starts at one of the nicer inns starts at around $60 to $80 per night and of course goes up at the resorts.
Dining runs from a sports bar and grill to fine dining. Enjoy authentic Grenadian dishes, Creole and international seafood. Most of the restaurants have a bar and there is also Bistro Pub with live jazz. The dance clubs and bars are open every night and usually fill to capacity.

St. Vincent
St. Vincent and the Grenadines, St. Vincent is 150 sq. miles in area. The Grenadines comprise 32 different islands.
Escape to a private island for the day, discover waterfalls, dive and snorkel the blue waters, great sailing, explore uninhabited islands, explore the volcano.
Stay at a simple guest house or a luxury villa or resort, enjoy the pampered luxury. There are nine islands to choose from when booking your stay. St. Vincent is a bustling town, a throwback to colonial times with cobblestone streets. On the other islands life slows to a crawl and you can escape the world.

St. Lucia
St. Lucia, your romantic island getaway is the largest of the "small" islands at 238 sq. miles.
St. Lucia is a perfect destination adventure. Miles of beaches, unspoiled rainforests, breath-taking views and friendly locals. Tropical weather and world class resorts and intimate inns await you. This is really a paradise island. Rated as one of the best romance islands for a honeymoon. Live your own romantic getaway.
There are mountains to climb and stunning dive sites. Enjoy skiing, sailing, windsurfing, ATV rides, horseback riding and mountain biking to name just a few of the great activities.
Dining on St. Kitts is unparallel. The cuisine is a blend of French, African, Indian and Amerindian to purely Caribbean.
St. Kitts is also for families. There are many perks offered to parents, room upgrades and select discounts and complimentary babysitting may be available.
Cars and scooters are available for rental. There is also an airport charge and a departure tax.

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