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Do you really need travel insurance? You bet you do!!!
Whether you are taking a cruise, going to a destination or booking a vacation package, going on a tour…YOU NEED TRAVEL INSURANCE.
Be prepared for the unexpected. Weather can cause flight delays and cancellations. Luggage can get lost. Someone becomes sick or injured. You are injured during your trip and need medical evacuation. YOU NEED TRAVEL INSURANCE.
Purchase a good plan from a reliable Travel Insurance Company. Caribbean Travel Adventures  represents Travel Guard. We can arrange for your travel insurance at the time of your vacation booking.  If you are going on a Western Caribbean Cruise, an Eastern Caribbean Cruise or a Southern Caribbean Cruise you should consider Travel Insurance. The ships decks can be slippery; you can be injured on a shore excursion.  (We hit a tree doing a zip-line).  A good policy will include Medical Evacuation to hospital of choice, to us this is IMPORTANT. We are now using Travel Guard and believe it is the best on the market.

Note, you can't just cancel the policy. There is a "review of the policy" time period, usually 10 to 15 days in which to cancel the actual policy. You can not decide later that you do not like the coverage. 
We are seeing travel insurance “specials” from a number of travel suppliers priced at $49 to $69 for trip insurance. The coverage on these plans is quite limited.
Depending on your age, medical and cancel for any reason coverage, trip insurance will cost somewhere around 5% to 10% of the trip cost. Example: if your prepaid trip cost is $3,000 and you are 60 years old the premium is about $300 to $400. If you are 25 years old the same coverage is about $175 to $230.
Benefit Schedule Choices for a typical plan;
 Coverage                                       Benefit
 Trip Cancellation                           Trip Cost                                                                       
 Trip Interruption                             150% of Trip Cost
 Missed Connection 
(3 hours or more)                            $2,500                                                                                    
 Travel Delay (more than 6 hours)  $150 Per Day (Max. $750)                                                        
 Actual coverage must be quoted.
 Medical Expense and Emergency Assistance
 Accident and Sickness                      $100,000                                                                      
 Emergency Evac and Repatriation    $1,000,000                                                                           
 One Call Assistance                          Included
 Baggage Delay                                   $250 
 Baggage and Personal Effects           $2,500                                                                           
 Accidental Death/Dismemberment   $25,000
 CANCEL FOR ANY REASON                 Up to 100% of Non-Refundable Trip Cost
Cancel for any Reason must be purchased within 15 days of the initial deposit or trip payment for your trip. If you initially cover only the pre-payment amount, be sure to increase the coverage to the full amount later when payment is made in full. Also cancellation must be 2 or more days before your trip. There is also a pre-existing medical waiver if you purchase your policy within a specific time period of booking your trip. It is best to get cancel for any reason and the medical waiver when you  make your trip deposit, DON'T WAIT !!

You should be covered for missed nights and be reimbursed, if you to get a hotel the insurance will pay for this expense, insurance will pay for extra nights and expenses. Be sure to get proof that your trip was delayed, etc. The airline will provide this upon request.

As you add tours, air travel, car rental to your trip be sure to add these costs especially any that are pre-paid to the coverage if not already included. Your benefits are limited to the amount of coverage purchased.         
Cancel for Any Reason covers everything and in our opinion is a good choice to add. If the weather forecast for your vacation is rain or you are called to jury duty or you have booked air etc and now can't find the lodging you would need Cancel For Any Reason. You do not need to be concerned if you are "covered", this covers anything...period!!
The medical insurance which is secondary medical insurance is primary for international travel. Your personal insurance normally does not cover you when you leave the country. This coverage also will make an immediate payment for your medical expenses where your coverage on your regular policy will not. Coverage will also include treatment while on a Cruise Ship. Medical coverage usually includes an amount for dental.
Traveling sometime soon, going on a Caribbean Cruise, we can customize your insurance to match your trip to cover any travel emergencies you may encounter.
Caribbean Travel Adventures can book all your travel arrangements for you and save you a lot of time and trouble. We will take care of all the details. We have to quote the insurance. 
Call us at 1-866-802-2292 or You can also go to the MTravel booking link and book your own travel.We specialize in Caribbean Travel, Cruises, Destinations, All-Inclusive, Tours,Weddings and Vacation Packages. Western Caribbean Cruises, Eastern Caribbean Cruises and Southern Caribbean Cruises and the most popular.

PLEASE CALL US TO BOOK YOUR TRAVEL INSURANCE, the coverage is complicated and you may not be covered for what you think you are. (1-866-802-2292)

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