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Carnival Sunshine...A Disappointment



Carnival Sunshine…A Disappointment 

We just finished a cruise on Sunshine and were quite disappointed.
Having sailed on 9 cruises, both large and small ships, the Sunshine
does not live up to Carnival’s standard. The passengers who had only
sailed on one or two cruises were happy with the ship. All the
experienced cruisers were disappointed in the ship and said they would
never sail on Sunshine again. (Many having been on 15 to 20 cruises)

What is wrong with the Carnival Sunshine…
The ship does not have the staff to handle the number of passengers.This is very apparent in the dining room; we waited almost one hour to be seated. When the food arrived, after another wait, the food was cold and was certainly not the taste and quality we expected. The food on the buffet while hot lacked much taste. Also most of the cake deserts were dry, most of the other deserts again lacked taste and they even managed to over bake the chocolate melting cake.

On all our past cruises on Carnival we were always able to order a third entrée to share with what we ordered for a main course. We were informed that it is against Carnival’s policy to serve an extra entrée until you had finished the first ones. We have on every other ship been able to have the other entrée brought to the table at the same time.

Not sure if this is a new Carnival policy, one that they have just started to enforce or one that is being used on Sunshine because they do not have enough galley and wait staff.While still on food, ordered fresh apple pie, it was terrible. A frozen pie is 100% better. Totally unimpressed with the pizza, normally “good” on other ships, awful on Sunshine. They should try boxed pizza, it would be a big improvement.

 Other ship issues…

The entertainment is normally pretty good, not so on Sunshine. The shows were pretty bad. The worst we have encountered on a cruise.
The floor tile in the buffet is “very” slippery. Be very careful if you come
in off the deck with wet shoes.

Buying on the ship!! Carnival has the lowest prices, NOT. I would suggest you check prices in the ports before you purchase anything on the ship.  An Invicta watch was priced at $130; I paid $90 off ship. The perfume is also overpriced. Carnival will “price match” but you have to have a picture of the item that also shows the price. Good luck getting a store owner to allow the picture.

If you want to shop on shore, get away from the “tourist” streets and visit the mom and pop shops. There you will find the locally made goods, not the “tourist” stuff. Liquor is also cheaper from the "local” stores.

Not sure how extensive the drain backups were, one room down the hall from us had sewage backup into the room at least three times that I know of. Also on occasion there were buckets in the halls because of water leaks.

Luggage Express… how great this is to not having to touch your luggage till you get to your destination. Carnival does the boarding passes and takes the luggage to the airline. Really wonderful…SUNSHINE DOES NOT OFFER THIS SERVICE at least out of New Orleans.  Will never sail on any Carnival out of New Orleans. We are not sure if this is a problem at the port or a Carnival problem.
There is a luggage service on the dock that will store your baggage
and meet you at a set time at the airport. You do have to still check
your bags with the airline and get your boarding pass.

The cruise terminal is small, not well organized and cannot handle the number of passengers. We were directed to the wrong lines by the staff in the terminal. This will be an even bigger mess when Dream starts sailing out of NOLA.

The traffic flow for vehicles outside is SLOW. The road goes to two lanes and really restricts the traffic. Getting to the unloading area can take awhile.

All in all…the crew were great, especially the room steward, she was fantastic.  Esthetically the ship is nice. The décor is very well done. The serenity deck is very well appointed although to small. 

We will never sail on Sunshine again, not sure if we will even continue to sail on Carnival.






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